Barocchi Family Law is exclusively focused on resolving family law issues including divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, domestic partner relationships and property settlement. Providing services that facilitate settlement is the center of our practice. Lindy Barocchi has practiced family law in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties since 1988 and is an active, well-respected member of the legal community.

We begin by listening, not talking. 

Each situation is different and each solution must be tailored to the unique needs of all parties involved.


The best way we can act on your behalf is to ensure integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We provide you with honest, objective advice and clearly explain all options available to you. We are timely, responsive, and pay meticulous attention to detail.


The foundation of our firm is built on over 25 years of expertise in all facets of family law. Because of this, we have vast experience handling complex cases and can recommend appropriate resources to ensure you receive the best support and services possible.


We approach every case with an open mind and a fresh sheet of paper. We allow your values and your specific situation to guide your legal process. With a reputation for objectivity, insight, and creativity, Ms. Barocchi has a proven record of excellence in settlement and mediation, helping couples to find common ground.