A private settlement conference can be part of a traditional divorce litigation process. Parties and their attorneys seek a private settlement conference when they feel they would benefit from the involvement of a neutral party who can provide input on specific issues and facilitate decision-making. The conference takes place in a private office, rather than at court. This forum provides the parties and their counsel with more time to present issues and concerns, and the opportunity for the private settlement judge to understand each party’s perspective. Having clearly heard the parties’ values and concerns, the settlement judge is better prepared to offer creative options that may resolve the issues in dispute.

If the parties and their counsel have not been able to resolve all issues through the private settlement process, the issues remaining in dispute can then continue in the court process.

Ms. Barocchi has extensive experience in mediation, litigation, and conducting private settlement conferences. She can be a valuable source of creativity and impartiality for couples struggling with difficult issues, but who still want to retain more control in the outcome than is allowed in a traditional court environment.